August 22 2009

LaterThis “Send To” button for Google Reader

Google Reader recently released a new Send To-feature wich allows you to send a post to services like Twitter, Digg and Facebook. The neat thing is that it is also possible to create custom Send To-links for services like LaterThis. Here is how to do it:

1. Log into Google Reader and click Settings.
2. Click on the “Send To” tab
3. Click “Create a custom link” at the bottom of the screen
4. Enter the following values:

Name: LaterThis
Icon URL:

5. Click Save.

That’s it. You can now select Send To LaterThis from any post in your Google Reader account.

July 25 2009

About performance

First of all, we are really sorry for the bad performance during the last weeks. LaterThis has been terrible slow and unresponsive.

However, last week we made a huge update to the code, database and the servers. Over the last days we have been monitoring the changes and things are now back to normal.

We will continue fine-tune over the next couple of days to make things run even smoother.

Thank you for your patience.

March 15 2009

Faster saving with LATERTHIS quick

Yesterday we launched a new bookmarklet that lets you save links without leaving the current site you are visiting. We call it LATERTHIS quick and it’s the fastet way to save links to LaterThis.

You can install it from your Welcome tab or from the bookmarklets section under Help.

February 14 2009

New feeds

We have made some changes to how feeds are handled in LaterThis.

You can now get separate feeds for all latest links, read links, unread links and starred links. You can also subscribe to feeds for a tag or groups of tags.

You’ll find the specific feeds at the bottom of each page. E.g if you want to subscribe to starred links, go to the Starred tab links and look for the RSS link just above the footer. 

February 7 2009

Private links

It is now possible to mark a link as private. This means that no one but you, as a logged in user, can see the link.

To mark a link as private you need to edit the link and select the Private check box. If you want to mark all your saved links as private from now on you can go to your settings page and select Set links to private as default. This will not mark your links saved up until now as private.

Private links comes with a few limitations:

  • Private links are not included in your RSS-feed
  • Private links are not included in the total links count when not logged in.
  • Url details are not available for private links 
January 15 2009

Planned downtime

We will start the move to the new server setup this saturday (January 17th). Some downtime will most likely occur. We will try to make the move as smooth as possible and report updates on Twitter continously.

January 7 2009

Upcoming changes to LaterThis

The new year brings a few changes to LaterThis.

First of all, we are planning a move to a new server set up. The move will take place within two weeks and it will most likely cause a few hours of down time. We will try to make the transition as smooth as possible and we will keep you updated along the way.

Secondly, we will remove LaterThis Global. The reason for this is that it has not worked out as we planned and it takes to much effort to maintain. LaterThis Global might however show up again in one shape or another during the year.

We look forward to an exciting 2009 and we will continue to gradually improve LaterThis throughout the year, both by removing and adding features as necessary. 

November 2 2008

Easier tagging

Tagging links just got a bit easier. Today we have added an auto complete function to the tags field on the page for saving links. Just start typing and your tags will appear. 

On the same page, we have also cleaned up the tags in the right column and limited it to only list your most frequently used tags. As before you can click on a tag to add it to the tags field. 

Happy tagging!

October 26 2008

Improved iPhone version, now with Tags

During the weekend, the iPhone web version of LaterThis has been revamped. The navigation has changed slightly and you can now access your tagged links directly from your iPhone or iPod touch.

Try it out by pointing your mobile Safari to Also don’t forget that you can save links to LaterThis from your iPhone.

LaterThis iPhone GUI

October 15 2008

LaterThis add on for Firefox

I am happy to announce that LaterThis now has a Firefox add on. After installing the add on you’ll get an icon next to the adress bar in Firefox. Clicking the icon will launch a pop up that lets you save the link. 

Saving links from the add on works pretty much the same way as from the bookmarklet. In fact, if you use quick post you’ll see no difference. If you use regular posting you’ll notice that your tags are not shown along side of the form. Instead tags will auto complete when you start to type in the tags in the tag field. 

The add on is still in experimental mode, so you will need to sign up for a Firefox add on account before installing it.

LaterThis add on for Firefox