December 27 2011

Tip: Search by domain name

Clicking the domain name under a saved link will perform a search for all links from the domain. You can also search by entering a domain name manually in the search field.

December 3 2011

Most used tags

When posting a new link to LaterThis, you will now see a link under the Tags field. Clicking the link will show your most used tags. The list of tags is based on the last 200 links saved to your account. 

November 26 2011

Welcome to the new LaterThis!

LaterThis has been updated with a new interface and is now running on a new platform with new servers. We hope you like it!

A few things has changed:

November 20 2011

LaterThis system maintenance

LaterThis will be closed between November 25 and November 27. During this period no new links can be saved and you won’t be able to access your account.

November 12 2011

LaterThis is moving

Important information about your LaterThis account:

Good news! LaterThis is moving to a new platform with shiny new servers. The move will happen within the next upcoming month.

In order to keep things running smoothly, we would like you to confirm that you want to keep your links and your LaterThis account.

You can confirm by logging in to your account and click the link in the message just above your links. We will also soon send out an email with instructions on to confirm the move of your links. 


How do I confirm the transfer of my links?
The fastest way is to click the link in the message box just above your links in your account.

When will my links be moved?
Within the next upcoming month. 

What happens if I don’t confirm the move of my links?
If you don’t confirm your links will no longer be available in LaterThis. (However, we can move your links back to the new LaterThis, but this will be done manually and take some time).

Can I export my links?
Yes, log in to your account, click on settings and find the link “Export my links”. 

January 9 2011

Connect to Twitter and Facebook

It is now possible to connect your Twitter and Facebook account to LaterThis.

New users can simply click “Sign in with Twitter” or “Login in with Facebook” on the Sign up page

If you already have an LaterThis account you’ll find buttons to connect with Twitter and Facebook on your Settings page.

January 3 2011

Google Chrome Extension for LaterThis

Google Chrome users can now install an Google Chrome extension that makes it simple to save links and access your LaterThis account.

For more information visit:

Google Chrome Extension for LaterThis

December 12 2010

How to use LaterThis with Instapaper

Instapaper is, just like LaterThis, a great tool for saving links for later. Instapaper also has great support in other applications like Tweetie for iPhone and several different RSS readers. I have been using Instapaper myself alongside with LaterThis for the last weeks. It works ok, but it’s hard to remember which service I used to save the link. So I decided to integrate Instapaper with LaterThis.

Now you can save a link to Instapaper and it will show up automatically as an unread link in your LaterThis account. Here’s what you need to do to make it work:

  1. Login to Instapaper.
  2. Look for the RSS-link in the right column and copy it.
  3. Got to LaterThis, login and click settings in the upper right corner. 
  4. Paste the link in the field Instapaper RSS. The link should look something like this 
  5. Save you changes and wait 15-30 minutes.

When you’re done all the unread links you have in Instapaper will show up in your LaterThis account within 15 to 30 minutes. Everytime you save a new link to Instapaper it will get synched to LaterThis within 15 to 30 minutes.

Note 1: If you delete a link in LaterThis that has been imported from Instapaper, it will be synched back to LaterThis if it’s still unread in Instapaper.

Note 2: Marking a link as read in LaterThis will not mark it as read in Instapaper.

May 13 2010

Improved search

We just pushed out some tweaks to the search function. Searches with multiple keywords should be much more flexible and stable. You can now also search for links within a domain by entering the url, e.g try searching my links for links from

February 28 2010

A new login system

During the weekend LaterThis got a new login system. As a user you shouldn’t see any difference, but it could be nice to know that the login procedure is now more secure and reliable.

Don’t hesitate to contact me (use the email at the bottom on this page) if you have any questions or feel that something is not working as expected.